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Storms In My Life! lyrics


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     Storms In My Life!
    >> Avril Lavigne
        For eternity
    Obsessed by thy soul
    The life of a sinner
    As the storms draws near
    Behold the visions
    Awakened to the sky
    Filled with flaming thoughts
    The storms of what thy fear

    What have become?
    When all is concealed
    See the shapes of thy likes
    As centuries has failed

    Finding through the darkness
    The Enigma of thy souls
    Takes thee back in ancient times
    And reveals the truth

    "....Storms - Are thy weakness
    Storms - Are thy faith
    Storms - Will reveal to thee,
    The secrets of the night...."

    For eternity
    The impressions of a dream
    The touch of a sinner
    Make the storms bleed

    Hold the chalice
    Awakened to the sky
    Filled with burning hopes
    And with thy greed

    Is this the end?
    When all is revealed
    See the shapes of thy likes
    Where centuries has failed
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